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Local Admin Rights, Managed.

Eliminate Local Admin Rights.

Full control at your fingertips.

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App Elevation

Elevate applications without elevating the user

Break Glass / LAPS

Provision temporary local admin accounts

Malware Detection

Multi-scanning with over 35 engines

Endpoint MFA/SSO

Enforce business rules with MFA and SSO prior to elevation

AI Approval

Allow our AI engine to auto-approve requests for elevation

Machine Learning

Allow auto-approvals after a set number of manual approvals

GDPR Compliance

Ensuring all sensitive data is protected

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''We use Admin By Request to manage local admin rights at Atos on more than 100.000 endpoints in 60 countries. We would definitely recommend Admin By Request to any organization looking to solve the local admin rights problem.''

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Admin By Request is the proud sponsor of American F1 team MoneyGram HAAS driver, Kevin Magnussen.

Take control of your local admin accounts

Revoke without the revolt

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Of data breaches and cyber security incidents are preventable
1 %
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1 %
Of SMBs are adequately prepared to defend themselves from a cyber attack
1 %
Is the expected CAGR of the PAM solutions market from 2022 to 2026

The Problem

Employee workstations are one of the most vulnerable parts of your company’s IT system.

Lack of Security

Your employees' workstations can be easily compromised if a user with Local Admin Rights runs an executable that contains malware.

Compromised Network

The Network security of your company can be compromised by an attacker to steal data, financials, and IP if just one compromised user is operating with unrestricted local admin rights.

Disrupted Productivity

Removing Local Admin Rights from managed endpoints mitigates critical vulnerabilities but prevents users from running every-day, trusted tasks that require privilege elevation.

Impacted Performance

The lack of Just-In-Time Privileged Access Management (PAM) can lead to a decline in staff productivity, impacting on the company’s overall performance.

The Solution


Gain Admin Rights Compliance

With rapid provisioning of Just-In-Time privilege elevation across your entire workforce. On-board and manage workstations and servers via a user-friendly portal.


Monitor and Audit Behavior

To reveal risky users and assets through thread and behavioral analytics to identify malicious software and prevent data breaches and malware attacks.


Enhance User Productivity

By elevating applications - not users. Delegate privileges based on the user or groups to save time and monetary resources.

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Core Features

Ways to Elevate

Run as Admin

Elevate a single application.

Break Glass / LAPS

Provision temporary / emergency local admin accounts.

Machine Learning

Create Pre-Approved lists as employees use the software.

Admin Session

Gain admin rights for a period of time.

Pre Approvals

Decide which programs are safe and allow elevations for them ahead of time.

AI Approvals

Let our Artificial Intelligence engine decide what's safe for auto-approval.

All Key Features

Available on Mobile


Provides a summary of your subscription, usage, recent activity, clients, and recently installed software.


Records details from all elevated sessions, including the user who initiated, reason for elevation, programs executed, and software installed.


Displays all requests for elevated privileges that are pending approval, with the option to approve or deny these requests from your mobile device.


Lists the hardware and software details for all devices that have Admin By Request deployed, including disk space, location, and software versions.

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With your favourite software tools.

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