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Inventory API

This page explains how to get your inventory extracted. Note that the example array of computers further down shows only the first computer and a subset of software installed for readability. You can use query parameters to filter your search.


/inventoryReturns an array of inventory computersGET
/inventory/{id}Returns one computer's inventory by idGET
/inventory/{computername}Returns one computer's inventory by computer nameGET
/inventory/{id}Delete one computer by idDELETE
/inventory/{computername}Delete one computer by computer nameDELETE
Note that the prefix of urls above depend on which data center you belong to. Please log in to see the full url.


apikeyYour apikey listed in your settings to retrieve the dataint


Filters can be supplied either as URL parameters or headers.

wantsoftwareUse this filter, if you wish to receive lists of installed software. The default is to not return installed softwarebit
wantgroupsUse this filter, if you wish to receive user and computer groups. The default is to not return groupsbit
startidThe starting ID you wish to receive. Can be used for incremental offload of data to your own systemint
takeMaximum number of resources to return. Default is 50 to preserve bandwidth, maximum is 10000. For queries with more than 10000 records, pagination is mandatoryint
  • Example filtered url to get 10 entries: /inventory?wantsoftware=1&take=10
  • Pagination works by using the last id in the list and feeding it as startid in the next query


idThe unique ID of this computer. This ID can be used to query updated information on this entry by appending it to the url to request this resource onlyint
nameThe computer's namestring
inventoryAvailableDetermines if inventory is collected for this computer. Privacy settings may disable inventory collection; see example two for non-inventoried computerbit
inventoryDateDate of last inventory refreshdatetime
abrClientVersionInstalled version of the Admin By Request endpoint software string
abrClientInstallDateInstall date of the Admin By Request endpoint softwaredatetime
notesThe "Notes" left menu for any notes or comments relating to the this computerstring
user.accountThe user account the end user used to log on to the computerstring
user.fullNameThe full name of the user userstring
user.emailThe user's email addressstring
user.phoneThe user's phone numberstring
user.domainThe user's Active Directory log on domain (if any)string
user.orgUnitName of user's Active Directory Organizational Unit (name of last node in the tree)string
user.orgUnitPathThe full path to the user's Active Directory Organizational Unitstring
user.isAdminDetermines if the logged on user is administrator.bit
user.isDomainJoinedDetermines if the logged on user account is an Active Directory accountbit
user.isAzureJoinedDetermines if the logged on user account is an Azure AD accountbit
user.groups[]The Active Directory or Azure AD groups the user is member ofstring
owner.accountThe owner of the endpointstring
owner.fullNameThe full name of the ownerstring
computer.domainThe computer's Active Directory domain (if any)string
computer.isDomainJoinedDetermines if the computer is joined to an Active Directorybit
computer.isAzureJoinedDetermines if the computer is joined to Azure ADbit
computer.orgUnitName of computer's Active Directory Organizational Unit (name of last node in the tree)string
computer.orgUnitPathThe full path to the computer's Active Directory Organizational Unitstring
computer.groups[]The Active Directory or Azure AD groups the computer is member ofstring
computer.localAdmins[]List of local administratorsstring
computer.users[]List of user accounts on Mac computersstring
operatingSystem.platformOperating system platform (possible values: Windows, Mac, Server)string
operatingSystem.platformCode0 = Windows, 1 = Mac, 2 = Server, int
operatingSystem.nameName of operating system (e.g. Windows 10 Pro)string
operatingSystem.versionThe operating system versionstring
operatingSystem.releaseThe operating system release numberint
operatingSystem.buildThe build number for Windows 10 or newerint
operatingSystem.buildUpdateThe update to the build version on Windows 10 or newerint
operatingSystem.typeWorkstation or Serverstring
operatingSystem.typeCode0 = Workstation, 1 = Serverint
operatingSystem.bitsOperating system bits (32 or 64)int
operatingSystem.installDateOperating system install datedatetime
hardware.makeThe vendor of the computerstring
hardware.modelThe model of the computerstring
hardware.typeDesktop or Portablestring
hardware.typeCode 0 = Portable/Laptop, 1 = Desktopint
hardware.serviceTagThe service tag (serial number) of the computerstring
hardware.cpuName and model of the CPUstring
hardware.cpuSpeedCPU speed in Mhzint
hardware.cpuCoresNumber of CPU coresint
hardware.diskSizeThe size of the primary disk in GBint
hardware.diskFreeFree disk space of the primary disk in GBint
hardware.diskStatusCurrent S.M.A.R.T. status of the primary diskstring
hardware.memoryAmount of memory in MBint
hardware.noMonitorsNumber of monitorsint
hardware.monitorResolutionResolution of the primary monitorstring
hardware.bitlockerEnabledBitlocker status, if availablebit
hardware.isCompliantIs InTune compliantbit
hardware.tpmEnabledTrusted Platform Module (TPM) enabledbit
hardware.tpmVersionTrusted Platform Module (TPM) versionstring
network.publicIPThe public IP address of the fastest active network adapterstring
network.privateIPThe private IP address of the fastest active network adapterstring
network.macAddressMAC address of the fastest active network adapterstring
network.nicSpeedSpeed (mbit) of the fastest active network adapterstring
network.hostNameThe public host name of the fastest active network adapterstring
location.cityThe city of the computer locationstring
location.regionThe region of the computer locationstring
location.countryThe country of the computer locationstring
location.latitudeThe latitude of the computer locationstring
location.longitudeThe longitude of the computer locationstring
location.googleMapsLinkThe location on Google Mapsstring
location.hourOffsetThe offset in hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)int
software[].applicationThe name of an application (description property of file)string
software[].vendorThe vendor of the applicationstring
software[].versionThe version of the applicationstring
software[].installDateThe install date of the applicationdatetime
software[].sizeThe size of the application in megabytesint
software[].bitsThe bitness of the application (32 or 64)int

Example successful request

    "id": 49779198,
    "name": "W10405945",
    "inventoryAvailable": true,
    "inventoryDate": "2020-03-27T08:17:11",
    "abrClientVersion": "6.3.0",
    "abrClientInstallDate": "2020-03-27T08:15:32",
    "notes": null,
    "user": {
      "account": "PDH",
      "fullName": "Paul David Hewson",
      "email": "pdh@acme.com",
      "phone": "555.345.6789",
      "domain": "ACME",
      "orgUnit": "Users",
      "orgUnitPath": "\\Users",
      "isAdmin": false,
      "isDomainJoined": true,
      "isAzureJoined": false,
      "groups": [
        "Domain Users",
    "owner": {
        "account": "support@fasttracksoftware.com",
        "fullName": "FastTrack Software Support"
    "computer": {
      "domain": "ACME",
      "isDomainJoined": true,
      "isAzureJoined": false,
      "orgUnit": "Computers",
      "orgUnitPath": "\\Computers",
      "groups": [
        "Domain Computers"
      "localAdmins": [
        "ACME\\Domain Admins"
      "users": []
    "operatingSystem": {
      "platform": "Windows",
      "platformCode": 0,
      "name": "Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview",
      "version": "22H2",
      "release": 2009,
      "build": 25231,
      "buildUpdate": 1000,
      "type": "Workstation",
      "typeCode": 0,
      "bits": 64,
      "installDate": "2022-10-30T00:00:00"
    "hardware": {
      "make": "Dell Inc.",
      "model": "XPS 9550",
      "type": "Laptop",
      "typeCode": 0,
      "serviceTag": "4577-7924-6610-3168-2590-1337-74",
      "cpu": "Intel Core i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz",
      "cpuSpeed": 2893,
      "cpuCores": 4,
      "diskSize": 135,
      "diskFree": 84,
      "diskStatus": "OK",
      "memory": 2147,
      "noMonitors": 1,
      "monitorResolution": "1024x768",
      "bitlockerEnabled": true,
      "isCompliant": true,
      "tpmEnabled": true,
      "tpmVersion": "2.0"
    "network": {
      "publicIP": "",
      "privateIP": "",
      "macAddress": "AF:4F:E3:23:62:E1",
      "nicSpeed": "1000 mbit",
      "hostName": "internal.acme.dk"
    "location": {
      "city": "San Francisco",
      "region": "California",
      "country": "Unites States",
      "latitude": "37.7576948",
      "longitude": "122.4727052",
      "googleMapsLink": "https://maps.google.com/?q=37.7576948,122.4727052",
      "hourOffset": 8
    "software": [
        "name": "Admin By Request Workstation",
        "version": "",
        "vendor": "FastTrack Software",
        "installDate": "2023-02-01T00:00:00",
        "size": 2,
        "bits": 64
        "name": "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC",
        "version": "20.006.20042",
        "vendor": "Adobe Systems Incorporated",
        "installDate": "2020-04-01T00:00:00"
        "name": "Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus - en-us",
        "version": "16.0.11929.20648",
        "vendor": "Microsoft Corporation",
        "installDate": null
        "name": "Mozilla Firefox 67.0.1 (x86 en-US)",
        "version": "67.0.1",
        "vendor": "Mozilla",
        "installDate": null
        "name": "OPSWAT Client",
        "version": "",
        "vendor": "OPSWAT, Inc.",
        "installDate": null
        "name": "Visual Studio Community 2019",
        "version": "16.4.29709.97",
        "vendor": "Microsoft Corporation",
        "installDate": "2020-01-19T00:00:00"

Example without inventory

    "name": "W10405945",
    "inventoryAvailable": false,
    "abrClientVersion": "6.3.0",
    "abrClientInstallDate": "2020-03-27T08:15:32",
    "user": null,
    "computer": null,
    "operatingSystem": null,
    "hardware": null,
    "network": null,
    "location": null,
    "software": null