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Admin By Request now offers a fully integrated application available on the ServiceNow platform, giving you and your users access to our core security features. Here's the what, why, and how of our ServiceNow integration.

Admin By Request offers a simple, Privileged Access Management solution.

ServiceNow provides a platform for managing business processes.

Bring them together and you get secure, uninterrupted productivity.

ServiceNow: The Benefits

If your enterprise is already using the ServiceNow platform to manage digital workflows, you'll be familiar with what it has to offer:

  • Digital solutions for a range of organizational needs. With constant innovation and support available for every business process, ServiceNow provides the infrastructure needed to manage, implement, and run any type of application.
  • A single place of record, access, and management. The multiple applications and business processes supported by ServiceNow are available through a single platform, removing the complexity of multiple applications serving multiple purposes on different platforms.
  • Saved resources and the ability for immediate deployment. Customers today expect consumer-grade experiences: ServiceNow allows for new processes to be on-boarded immediately, with zero need for integrating new software systems or re-training staff.

At Admin By Request, we’re all about making life easier for our customers, so it only makes sense to provide core features of our software product through a platform that's already widely used: ServiceNow.

What the Integration Offers:

Once the app is set up, Admin By Request’s Auditlog and Requests features are available to any users or groups who have been granted access in ServiceNow. These users can approve or deny Requests for privileged access, view session data, and manage the Auditlog – all from a platform they’re 100% familiar with.

Your organization gets the benefits of a completely new Privileged Access Management software - comprehensive security, compliance, and peace of mind - without wasting valuable resources on complex software integrations, re-training of employees, or enlisting additional IT support personnel.

Productivity is maintained, with ServiceNow administrators and regular users alike able to continue, uninterrupted, while Admin By Request runs quietly in the background, ensuring your endpoints are protected from unauthorized activity.

Here's How it Works:

Designed to automatically make outbound requests to the Admin By Request public API, pre-configured ServiceNow Flows pull Auditlog and Request data from Admin By Request into your ServiceNow instance. You can configure when and how often these requests take place - all from within ServiceNow.

The steps involved are simple:
  1. Download and deploy Admin By Request on your endpoints.
  2. Follow the self-service integration manual provided at the bottom of this page to get the app set up.
  3. Use the features within ServiceNow.

Is it Right for Your Enterprise?

For Admin By Request customers who already use the ServiceNow platform, it's never been easier to make the most of the Auditlog and Requests features. The application comes pre-configured and ready to ‘plug in and go’ with a few easy integration steps - and it's completely free of charge.

Download the self-service manual below to get started.

If your organization isn't using this Service – Now’s the time.

Find out more here.