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You've seen it before, but what does it actually entail? In a nutshell: security, sustainability, and continually improved products and services. Admin By Request is now ISO certified, and this is how it benefits your enterprise.

By Sophie Dodson

With a background in computer science and graphic design, Sophie is a passionate writer and communicator of all things technical. Hailing from New Zealand, she provides documentation and research, commentary, and analysis on current cybersecurity topics at Fasttrack Software.

ISO 27001: Certified

Look, we get that it’s not the most stimulating topic, but there’s no arguing that compliance – particularly in the digital age – plays a huge part in enterprise.

With the number of rules, regulations, and ethical standards that companies must meet and adhere to to ensure they’re not breaking the law, a comprehensive and ongoing compliance management program is simply a must-have; and these compliance requirements often extend to third-parties and providers that enterprises choose to work with.

At Admin By Request, we provide a SaaS Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution to thousands of global enterprises. We’ve recently received ISO 27001 certification, so we thought we’d share what this means for our existing and future customers.

ISO 27001 – What & Why?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 specifies a management system that outlines requirements and is intended to bring information security under management control.

Rules and regulations aside, such a program serves to manage risk, minimize errors, and ensure all operations are conducted responsibly and safely. What follows is sustainability, employee satisfaction, and a company that seeks to continually improve and stay competitive.

The Benefits for Customers

  • Tick the Required Boxes: As a CISO or Compliance Officer, a sure thing on your checklist for IT service providers is that they are compliant. Tick ✔️

  • Save Valuable Resources: Be honest: you hate reading through a 20-page information security questionnaire as much as we hate filling it out. Now we can supply you with our ISO certificate and the job is done on both ends – saving money, time, and hairs from turning grey.

  • Ensure Information Security: With ISO’s comprehensive requirements for an effective ISMS, your data is safe with us; protected from cyberattacks and internal threats thanks to continually improving policies, processes, procedures, and up-to-date anti-malware strategies and software.

  • Protect your Reputation: We’ve all heard of ‘Guilty by association’; if the reputation of a company you’re connected with is tarnished, so is yours. Rest assured we’re not going to appear in any lawsuits, be hit with any fines, or appear on the front page of the New York times after a cyberattack – so neither are you.

  • Ensure Sustainability and Longevity: We’re here for a good time AND a long time. ISO ensures sustainability through effective management, continual improvement, and minimized risk. We’re not going anywhere, so neither is our service supply to you.

  • Ensure Continual Improvement: Our goal is to stay competitive, keep improving, and bring our customers the best possible product with new features, updates, optimization, and stellar service. You’ll always be getting the best of what we have to offer, because we’ll always be working to produce it.

  • Ensure Optimal Productivity: ISO certification includes controls for business continuity and disaster recovery, so we’ve got plans in place which ensure we can continue providing service to customers in the case of incidents or unforseen events. ISO also reduces the need for frequent audits, so production and operations here at Admin By Request will remain smooth and uninterrupted as much as possible.


ISO 27001:2013 may appear as a meaningless collection of characters, but to sum up what it means for our customers: Peace of Mind.

You can rest assured that we’re consistently reliable in our production process, continually improving our product, and all data we handle is safe and secure. (And hey, best not be forgetting – you can ditch the giant questionnaires.)

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